The smallest letter, the least stroke of a pen...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Drumroll, Please....

The curtains are closing on Jots & Tittles. I am starting a new blog called 'Much Ado About Nothing'. There are two reasons for this.
  1. Jots & Tittles was created over a year ago in the old 'Blogger' format. They have upgraded in ways that makes things much more user friendly. My other blogs are in this new format and I've been spoiled. I've put this off because switching means starting over, I cannot transfer my 'history of posts' to the new blog. But, it is time. Say la vie!
  2. I wanted to change the name. (Not that I couldn't have done this without switching, but it made sense to coincide) Why you ask? Primarily because my hubby can't get his mind out of the gutter! LOL. Just in case there are others with him, let me take a brief moment to explain why I chose it in the first place. 'Jots and Tittles' are terms found in the bible. In Hebrew they mean 'the smallest letter, the least stroke of a pen', which is in the small print under the title on my blog. I thought this was cool and a great title for a blog. I chose 'Much Ado About Nothing' as title for my new blog because it's one of my all time favorite movies (from the play by William Shakespeare), and I think it is also an appropriate name for a blog.

So hop on over to my new blog and bookmark it. I've already posted!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

7 Weird Things

I found this on another blog and thought it was fun. The idea is for you (the reader) to post this about yourself on your own blog. Write 7 weird, interesting, or unusual things about yourself.

1.I once jumped off a 35 foot cliff for $20.
2.I carry floss with me everywhere because I can’t stand the feeling of something stuck between my teeth.
3.I once got in a car accident. At the hospital an x-ray discovered that I had a cracked skull. I was transferred to a different hospital two hours away that specialized in head injuries. During the two hour drive in the ambulance, I was put on the prayer chain at home. At the new hospital, a cat scan revealed that my skull was no longer cracked!
4.I’m claustrophobic in situations where I cannot extend my extremities to their farthest reach.
5.As a rule, I don’t use foul language, however one time in the middle of the night in my sleep, I sat up in bed and yelled a big bad one, than laid back down sound asleep.
6.I once helped paint the outside of a mansion in Scotland on scaffolding wearing a harness.
7.I slept in a tent using an outhouse for 2 ½ months

Happy blogging!

Friday, August 10, 2007

It Starts

I've ranted a few times about infuriating situations I've dealt with in the public school system. I've had a nice break for the summer, but now it begins again.

I’m at home going through my papers figuring out what I have to do to get my daughter set for sixth grade. I have come to a paper that I have to fill out in the event we cannot pick her up from school on time due to an emergency. Ok, everything seems fine, we will probably not need to use this, but it’s nice to have it as a back up. Then I come to the ‘Agreement and Full Release of Liability’ that they want me to sign. It says:

“In consideration of being allowed to participate in the activities and programs of -------after-school program and in consideration of being allowed to use the facilities and equipment of ---- Middle School, for myself as the parent of the below named child, and on behalf of all heirs…(etc.)…do hereby forever release and discharge -------Middle School, its officers, agents, employees…..(etc.)….from and against any and all claims, responsibilities or liabilities for any accident, injury, loss of any kind, and/or damages to me or my property, including those caused by the passive or active negligent acts and/or omissions of ------Middle School, its officers, agents, employees…..(etc.)….including any ancillary events associated with such activites and programs………and the use of any of the facilities, equipment or machinery of --------Middle School, including any obvious, hidden or latent defects therein."

So, they can basically hire someone to sit in a corner and read a book or talk on a cell phone while my child is playing on faulty equipment and breaks a leg and that’s ok? Would you sign this?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Wrapping up July

Last week Kai and Alyssa went away to Bethel Christian Camp, which is happily only about 20 minutes away in Gaston, SC. They love it there and had a great time.

This year for the first time, Roan got to attend camp of sorts. He went to half day camp at the YMCA. He had a wonderful time swimming, playing in the new splash pad, and making new friends. All of this 'camp stuff' happening gave me some free time, too! I had the mornings all to myself. Monday, Dean and I even got to go out to breakfast together! Tuesday I woke up not feeling well and after dropping Roan off was free to come home and go back to bed....aways a nice thing. I even got to do a little shopping. The evenings were quiet and that is when Dean was able to finish the dinosaur mural. We had a nice quiet week, but are happy to have our 'noisemakers' back!

Saturday, I went to Charlotte with my friend Deborah to attend CKC, a scrapbook convention. We haven't seen each other in a long time, so it was great to catch up. We had fun wandering the vendor fair and we each took a class. I even won a door prize! On the way home we ate at Cracker Barrel.....mmm.....yum! FYI, there is a new Cracker Barrel being built a mile from my house! Yipee!

This month is going to be a bit crazy. It is full of doctor's appointments, school meetings, school shopping, the first day of school and last but definitely NOT least, Andrea's wedding!

(Don't forget to visit my photo blog!)

Roan Quote: "Kai, you are funnier than a coconut head!"

Friday, August 03, 2007

Ladies and Gentleman....

It's a Dinosaur! Two years after it began, and over a year since this post, our dinasa mu has been finished!

Roan Quote: "Mommy, I am SO SWEATY from all this growing up!"

Monday, July 23, 2007

Amy's Visit

Amy and her kids, Canyon and Aly, came back with us from Boone last week. They were able to stay the whole week, which was great. All five kids went to VBS which was obviously good for them, but also gave Amy and I 3 hours each morning to ourselves. We did some shopping, had lunch a couple times and generally enjoyed each other's company without 5 lovable distractions.

Wednesday, we all went to the zoo. Dean met us there, too, for a little while. While we were there, it poured rain. The kids loved it! They were running and dancing and didn't care a whit about getting wet, while we grown-ups were huddling under trees and alcoves.

Saturday, I had to work all day at the Scrapbook Store, so Dean shouldered the responsibility of all five kids so Amy could come too and catch up on her scrapping. Brad arrived later in the afternoon and picked Amy up for a bit. From five to midnight, my church scrap group meets once a month. So Amy came back for the rest of the evening. I got more scrapping done Saturday than in the last 3 months! That was great. Brad and Dean took the kids to a park, then to Ci-Ci's pizza.

Sunday after church, we got a babysitter so the four us could see Die Hard 4. It was highly improbable (absurdly impossible) but fun. Amy and the family then went home. Now, I think I catch up on some sleep.....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Trip to the Mountains

I’m back! Last Wednesday, the kids and I went to Boone, NC to visit my sister, Amy, and her family. On Thursday we went to Linville Caverns. The kids absolutely loved this. Alyssa even asked the guides questions like, ‘How were these caves formed?’ They equally enjoyed visiting the gift shop afterward since they brought their own spending money with them!

When we left, we decided on a whim to hike the trail up to the Linville Falls Overlook. It was about 1 ½ miles round trip which may not sound like much, but it had lots of stairs, rocks, and tree obstacles, plus it was up hill…both ways! Felt like it anyway, Amy and I were questioning the wisdom of our whim, but decided it was worth it. The kids loved it. It really was awesome looking down at the falls from so far up. I happen to know how big the falls are, because I’ve been down at the bottom before, so seeing them from so high was incredible. On the way back to the van, I heard Kai comment to himself, "We have done SO many cool things today."

The kids enjoyed playing video games and swimming in the inflatable pool on Friday, then Saturday, Uncle Brad took Kai, Alyssa, and Canyon on a hike/picnic to the top of a mountain off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Amy and I took Aly and Canyon to a little creek and walked around. Roan took his shoes and socks off then crossed the creek leaving his shoes on the other side. Then in his bare feet he slipped on a slimy rock, so I didn’t make him go back to get them. Instead, I went. I slipped on the rock and fell in soaking myself AND my CAMERA! Technically it still takes pictures, but it’s definitely not acting right. Arrrgh! Still having fun though…..we went to Golden Corral for lunch and then to a playground.

Sunday morning we returned home and Amy and the kids came with us! Yay! They will be here until next Sunday, but more about that later!